The RV Dream
Every Thing You Have Dreamed About Is Possible

The sights and sounds of being on the open road were almost as thrilling as the special place that you hadn't explored since the previous year. You would play games where you would be the first one to spot a car of a certain color, and then it was up to the next person in line to pick the next car that came in alphabetical order. You had the warm breeze blowing through the window, and the rhythmic rumble of the wheels on the road. Could anything spoil a vacation like this?

Now, several years on, and you'd like to get the same thrill of the vacation running through your kids, too. The morning of the trip arrives and you call them down to breakfast. You call. Then you call again. After about twenty minutes of this you head up to see why they aren't as excited as you. Kid's today; right?

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared The problem is things have moved on now. What we used to think of as a fun camping vacation is seen by (most) of today's kids as parentally supervised torture under canvas. The lack of home comforts puts a shiver down their spines, as does the thought of fresh air, and maybe even meeting people who don't live on the other side of a computer screen. So, what can you do to save an age old family tradition, while giving in to the kids – ever so slightly? That's right, invest in an RV.


I say "give in to the kids", but you know that this is something that you've always aspired to: the smell of the fresh new interior; rolling down the road with an RV that will get the neighbors talking; a place to camp in that may well be bigger than the first home that you bought. Yes, let's just leave it at "give in to the kids".

Just think of the things that you'll get to do now, that you wouldn't have done with a tent in the good old days. Today's are so much easier to get up and running when you reach the special campsite where you'll be staying; you won't have to wait to get something to eat or drink as you don't have to spend hours remembering how to pitch a tent. You don't need to worry about everyone and everything having to be crammed into a tent, and all of the arguments that can cause. No more wondering if the site has "facilities", how good they are, and if you need to wear hiking boots at night just to go to the toilet.

Sure, these are quite literally a home away from home, and may not have the same feel as cold damp canvas at night, or put you so close to nature that you could hear a cricket cough, but that's just the way the world has started to go, isn't it? It's out with the rustic, in with the luxury.


So, what do you have planned for your vacation this year? Are you going to head to the same old overcrowded, noisy, unimaginative and expensive tourist traps; or are you going to take a leaf out of the Wild West explorers, hitching up the wagon and seeing where the open road takes you... it's just that your wagon will be something more akin to a show home on wheels.

An RV really does give you the best of both worlds; and it's time to give the kids (and yourself) new memories to treasure in the future, and a few dreams in the meantime... and to see what you could be dreaming about tonight, click on one of our RV categories to see the stunning RVS that will bring a tear to the eye of even the most resolute of tent advocates.


What Our Clients Have To Say About Us.


I would like to recommend Budget RV's to anyone who is considering purchasing an RV.  Adam and his staff are exceptional people.  Rob is a pleasure to work with!  I can't believe that there are people who still exist that stand behind their word.  We love our RV!!  Adam has done exactly what he said he would do.  We actually purchased our RV, site unseen!!  It was delivered to us, better than expected!  I highly recommend this place!  If they do not have what you want on their lot, let them find it for you.  These people really care and have been a pleasure to work with.  In a few years, we will see them again!!  God bless.  Thanks Adam and guys ROCK!!!!

Lana Love


We had looked at a lot of different RV dealerships in our search for the perfect travel trailer. When we found Budget Rvs Of Texas we were very impressed with the overall quality of their pre-owned Rvs and we really liked the way that Adam treated us. He was very patient and spent quite a bit of time answering all of our questions. When we found the ideal travel trailer it was priced way below what any one else was selling the same unit for When we are ready to buy another RV we will be coming back to Budget Rvs Of Texas.

John and Karen Cooper


My wife Charlotte and I would like to express our gratitude for the exceptional experience in buying our 2004 Chateau 5th Wheel from Budget RV of Texas. Adam Mitchell listened to what we wanted to include the desired price range and how we intended to use the RV and showed us several that matched our needs. After we chose one he made sure we completed a walk through and listed everything that we found wrong. The finance process was a breeze. We left the 5th wheel with Adam to have all the blemishes taken care of and returned a week later. All repairs were completed and Pablo gave us a thorough overview of how everything worked on the 5th wheel. Our overall buying experience was great. I wish all my vehicle buying experiences were as great.

Michael & Charlotte Laing


We just wanted to let you all know how pleased we are with our experience of buying a 5th wheel from you.  It was such a pleasant experience, the sales staff, finance staff and make ready folks were very professional, kind and efficient. Thank you for a great purchase experience.

Ron and Barbara York


I just wanted to say thank you for helping us find the right Rv for us. I can't wait to pick it up next week.  I just know we will  love it. I have been looking up reviews on the mobile  suites and  I never in my life thought I would be able to have one, but thanks to you I am... I know it is not new but it is to me.  I think you may be right on changing the color of the chairs to match the couch better :)  When we get it and use it I will post my reviews on Facebook-Craigslist and other web rv places so people will know  where to go to get a nice Rv.

OLetha Hinkle



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